Protection measures Covid19

Οur company after the announcements of the Ministry and the new measures that are adopted daily as well as the instructions of EODY we announce that we have taken all the necessary measures for the protection of the passengers of our ships due to COVID-19. On each voyage the ship is disinfected with special products to combat the risk from COVID-19. Our ships make use of outside air for the renewal of the atmosphere and special HEPA filters for the operation of the hot and cold air machines. Microbicides are repeatedly carried out inside the ship by a company specializing in disinfection. Our crews are fully up to date and fully trained on the new virus. They also perform the necessary self
tests and their vaccination against covid19 has started for the full observance of the hygiene measures.

We are fully prepared to deal with the occurrence of a case at sea and that we have prepared a special plan to create quarantine inside the ship. We ask the passenger to travel prudently and having taken the appropriate precautionary measures, always using a mask and having completed before the ticket issue the special questionnaire posted on the website of the Ministry of Shipping & Island Policy and on the site of our company and
facebook. The measures can be modified and maximized depending on the evolution of COVID-19 and the updates from the Ministry.