Dear passengers, according the effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 for this reason and the regulations issued by EODY in collaboration with the Ministry of Shipping will be strictly observed.
1. Please fill in the special questionnaire regarding your data for your coronavirus health statement.
2. If the reservation is made electronically, you will have the questionnaire with you when you board the ship and you will deliver it to the ship attendant.
3. In case you issue your tickets at the company kiosks, the questionnaire will be displayed during the issuance and then you will deliver it to the assistant. If the special questionnaire has not been completed, you will not be allowed to board the ship.
4. Your arrival at the port for your boarding of the ship must be 1 hour before departure.
5. In case of symptoms of COVID-19 disease, please do not come to board.
6. Mandatory use of the mask throughout the trip.
7. Boarding of passengers on board ships is permitted provided that:
(a) have completed at least fourteen (14) days of vaccination for COVID-19 coronavirus and present a vaccination certificate
(b) have been diagnosed negatively either in a laboratory test for COVID-19 coronavirus by the PCR method performed by smear or nasopharyngeal smear within the last seventy-two (72) hours before the scheduled travel time or in a rapid anti-CO -19 (rapid test) or self-test within twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled travel time. The negative diagnosis of the PCR test and the rapid test is proved by the presentation of a relevant certificate, while the corresponding diagnosis with a self test is proved either by the display of a relevant certificate or
by the relevant indication in the Health Declaration Questionnaire before Boarding included in Annex 1 of the measures for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases on passenger and passenger-vehicle ferries performing maritime cabotage, which are posted on the website of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy
c) demonstrate a certificate of illness valid for a period of two (2) to nine (9) months after the illness. The obligation of par. 3 includes minors from five (5) years and over. The measures can be modified and maximized depending on the evolution of COVID-19 and the updates from the Ministry.